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adminstyle.cssThis file is a basic style sheet for your admin area. There are no custom classes in this file because I felt that was unnecessary for the admin area since most people like to have a basic professional look to it, and since no one except the store owner sees it, I didn't see a need to make it too involved. You can change the background and text colors, as well as, the link color of all of your admin area pages. You may build out the design of the admin area as much as you like by adding to this file.

customadminfooter.phpThis file is inside the admin area for you to add a custom footer for the entire admin area. All main admin pages add this file to the bottom of each page. I suggest putting a banner for your company if your a web developer, your own advertising links, OR links to your own documentation and services. If you add your own advertising, you MUST not add more than one block of ads to conform with the AFCommerce Free Public License Agreement. If you go overboard you will make the admin area look unprofessional, which is both bad for your own reputation, as well as, the reputation of AFCommerce.

custom-index-links.phpYou can also add new links to pages that you create for your own features or documentation. If you would like to add your own advertising to the admin area, you may do so in the customadminfooter.php file.

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