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AFCommerce Customization Guide

AFCommerce's "Custom Development Environment" makes customization of your online store much easier, and is also a spring board for new features and even completely separate software that you may include into AFCommerce. Customizing the look of the cart is easy because there are very few files to edit. Customizable files are well commented so you will understand what's going on much better.

Files to Customize for The Look And Design Of Your StoreCustomization of AFCommerce is a very easy process for the average web designer. There are very few files that need to be changed to alter the look of the entire shopping cart, as well as, all the additional web pages you create for the rest of your website. AFCommerce is more than just a shopping cart, it is an entire website building environment, which not only makes adding new pages extremely easy, but also allows you to create advanced features that you might not normally be able to build by using the stylesheets and custom php functions.

      Advanced users can save a lot of time using all of the features of this custom development environment, and novice users can now create features and designs that they would not normally be able to develop.

Style Sheet CustomizationLearn how to customize the default style sheet to create your own look for AFCommerce.

Template Creation Guide This tutorial is a more detailed explanation of how to customize AFCommerce with more advanced methods. Our File Design Guide provides a quick explanation of the 6 AFCommerce files that control the entire design of your online store. This Template Creation Guide will provide examples and screenshots to help you better understand how easy AFCommerce is to modify, allowing web designers to create their own templates for their customers. This guide is new and will continue to be added to until every aspect is covered.

Admin Area CustomizationThis guide explains how you can change the look of the admin area to co-brand your own company's name. You can also change the default colors and completely alter the links on the admin area's home page. So if you want to add new features to the software, you can add links to your own pages to manage the features. This guide also explains how to track your customers with your affiliate id if you are an affiliate of AFCommerce or an AFCommerce reseller.

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