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Table Rate Shipping Method

There was not too much information to add to this tutorial, I designed the admin area's interface for table rate shipping method to guide you through it, but this page has a more detailed explanation so it's completely clear. The actual programming for a table rate method is by far the easiest task in adding this shipping method to a shopping cart, the hard part was making it easy for someone to add their shipping rules, without having any programming knowledge. That was what I saw with every other cart I looked at (when trying to figure out where to start), if you didn't understand how it was going to work, you wouldn't know how or where to start. So I made the interface for AFCommerce's Table Rate shipping method more visual, so you can follow it easier.

Let's first understand what a table rate shipping method is, and when you should use it. A table rate is a set of rules, based on the total dollar amount of the entire order. The rules you create are used to determine the shipping cost for any order by total order amount ranges. For example, you could charge 5 dollars for any order that is from 0 (really 1 cent, or smallest possible order amount) to 50 dollars, then your second rule would be, a 7 dollar shipping charge for orders between 50 to 150 dollars, and so on.

Each row in your table rate configuration must have a total order price GREATER than the row above it. Since a table rate sets its shipping price based on the total order amount, the first row will always be from zero dollars to the value you set, then the second is from the first row's highest order amount to the value you set in the second row, and so on.

The highest order amount, which will always be the last row (or rule) you create, will cover ALL order amounts that do not have rules set for them. For example, if your last rule is to charge 20 dollars for 500 - 1000 dollar orders, and you receive an order for 2000 dollars, the shipping cost would be 20 dollars, because it is the highest known amount.

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