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This Function Has Been Available Since:
(AFCommerce v 2.1,     Functions v 1.1)

Checks to see if a product is a bundle and if so displays all products that are included in the bundle.


afc_check_for_and_if_found_print_product_bundle (pid)

This function will first check to see if the product with the id number passed to this function is a product bundle (not a normal product), and if it is, it will print all of the real products that are included with that bundle.


pid (integer) - The product id number that is being checked (this happens inside the getproduct.php page).

Return Values

This function does not have a return value, however if the product is a bundle, it prints each product assigned to this bundle from the information you set inside the admin area. Although this function is encrypted, no actual output is defined inside this function, but instead another function, which is open source, is called. The function, afc_print_product_short_listing is used to print each product, and once you learn how to use this print short listing function, you will notice that it takes a few parameters defining which information should be displayed. You can control which information is shown for all bundles inside the admin area on the "productoptions.php" page, which is linked to from your "My Store" page.

Open Source: No

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