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This Function Has Been Available Since:
(AFCommerce v 2.1,     Functions v 1.1)

Creates a basket session for a user.


integer = afc_create_new_basket_session ()

AFCommerce does not use standard php sessions because I do not link them. In order for normal sessions to work, I would have had to write a function that displays links to every page of your site. All other carts do this, and I think that display link function makes the code look terrible, and beginners who can normally make links to other pages easily, become very confused by the code because it looks overly complex. This is another reason AFCommerce is the easiest software to customize in the world.


There are no parameters for this function.

Return Values

Returns the basket id for the current user. The number return is the $id that is used through out all of the cart's functions and scripts.

Open Source: Yes

Paul's Examples

There are currently no examples for this function.

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(3497) kreinholtzTuesday October 10, 2006 at 0 : 31 am

Hi there,

I could use some help with a rather odd problem. Not sure if I did anything wrong ? but maybe someone has some tips. I have 4 computers on a home network. I load the site in a browser and proceed to add items to the afc2 cart on any given machine (using either i.e. or firefox). However if I pull up the same site on any of the other machines ? the contents of the cart created on the original machine shows up. Yikes!

I understand that if I add items to a cart from another website using say i.e. for this example  ? and then open another i.e window on the same machine ? those same items will appear in that cart. But that cart should not carry over to other browsers and certainly not to other machines.

I love the system so far and really want to use this in the site I am building  . . . so if anyone has any ideas ? please let me know. 


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