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This Function Has Been Available Since:
(AFCommerce v 2.1,     Functions v 1.1)


afc_secure_ini ()

This function enables the AFCommerce security start up functions, which all details are not disclosed in order to protect your website from hackers. This function does a few things that I can disclose, like unsetting all injected variables which would be set if "registered globals" are turned on, cleans any query strings which have illegal characters like website addresses or command line statements. This function is also where the ip ban list function is called, which is the function which denies access to any computer with an ip address that you block inside the admin area. I will continue to improve this function as time goes by, as other developers give me their input, as well as more of my own research. Security is always a concern for free software, and the encrypted files HELP this cause. There is no way to absolutely protect any software that is freely distributed, but I can at least try my best to keep you safe.


There are no parameters for this function.

Return Values

This function has no return value.

Open Source: No

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