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Step Eight - Legal Notices

Most credit card processing companies (usually a bank), requires that you have certain legal notices on any website that accepts credit cards. We have given you an area to add notices to your AFCommerce Shopping Cart. These notices do not need to be too complicated, or written by a lawyer, they simply need to state how you will deal with particular situations. You can look at our privacy policy and refund policy to see an example. Please note, that you may use any part of our policies in any way you want, but we do not accept any responsibility to the accuracy or legality of our notices. These notices were written for our website and our business, and your notices are the responsibility of you and your business.

  1. Click on the 'Legal Notices' icon on the administration home page
  2. You will now see two fields for you to enter your text into.
  3. Privacy Policy needs to explain how you deal with 'cookies', which is information that your website saves on a person's computer.
  4. Shipping and RefundsYour customers need to know, before they purchase, how you will deal with refund requests, and also how you will deal with returns.

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