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Step Ten - Enable / Disable Product Options

This area has configuration options for your products only. Products have many display options so they needed their own section.

  1. Enable Quantity Feature - If activated this will allow AFCommerce to track your inventory. For this to work you must assign a quantity value to your products
  2. Display Out Of Stock Products - If you turn this feature off AFCommerce will not display any products that are out of stock. If you have not assigned quantities to your products you should make sure that this feature is turned on.
  3. Clearance Discount Percentage - The percentage discount that you enter here will be applied to all products that are assigned to clearance.
  4. Display Product Manufactures -This will display a products manufacture with a link to that manufactures category on all product WebPages that have a manufacture assigned to them.
  5. Enable Tell A Friend Feature - This will display a text area on all product web pages for a visitor to enter in the e-mail address of a person they would like to notify about this product. An e-mail will then automatically be sent to that person informing them of the product with a link to take them directly to the recommended product.
  6. Display Relevant Products - Automatically displays two relevant products on a products web page.
  7. Enable Best Sellers - This will display a Best Sellers link under the Store Options section of your website. If a visitor clicks this link they will be taken to a page that displays your best selling products.
  8. Display Newest Products - This will display a What's New link under the Store Options section of your website. If a visitor clicks this link they will be taken to a page that displays your most recently added products.
  9. Enable Automatic Special Feature - This will automatically mark up your products price based on the percentage that you set. It will then display the marked up price with a slash through it and the actual price that you entered for a product as the 'Special Price', giving the impression that your products are on sale.
  10. Sort Products By - There are two options to choose from here. If you select 'Product Name' your products will automatically display in alphabetical order. If you select 'Sort Order Number' you will be able to manually assign a sort order to your products to determine the order in which they will display on your website.
  11. Short Listings - Number Per Row -
  12. Additional Product Images - Number Per Row - If you have uploaded additional images for a product this will determine how many will display per row. For example if a product has 6 additional images and you have selected to display three per row, the first three images will display in the same row and the next three will display directly underneath the first three.
  13. Additional Product Images - Image Pixel Width - This allows you to set the image size for a products additional images.
  14. The last three options will determine how much information is displayed about a product bundle. If a product is a bundle it will automatically display all other products that are included in the bundle and using the options below you can control what information will be displayed.
    • Product Bundles - Display Images
    • Product Bundles - Display Prices
    • Product Bundles - Display Captions
    • Product Bundles - Display Descriptions

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