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Step Three - Add Your Products

You can now start adding products to your shopping cart. There are many product features avalable for use when you create or edit a product. The first part of this tutorial will cover the basic steps that you should follow when creating a product. The more advanced options will be explained in the 'More Detail' section of this webpage.

  1. Click on the 'Edit Products' icon on the administration home page
  2. Click on the category that you want to add the product to

  3. You should now be on the Edit Products Page. The links at the top of the page are for advanced product options and will be covered in the 'More Detail' Section of this web page. For now we will stick to the basics.

  4. Product Status - You have the ability to take a product out of your store without having to permanently delete the product. You simple click the option that says 'Out Of Stock'
  5. Product Name - Enter the name of the product
  6. Product Caption - Here you can add a short description of your product. This should only be around one line of text
  7. Product Description - Here you can describe your product. This is also where you enter any additional information that you can not add anywhere else
  8. Product Webpage - This field is optional, and is only used to link this product to another webpage that has more information about this product. This field is rarely used
  9. Price - Here is where you enter the product's price. DO NOT USE A Dollar Sign ($) in this field. Numbers Only, like 24.99
  10. In Stock Quantity - If you are going to use AFCommerce to track your inventory you should enter a stock quantity so that the product can automatically be removed if the item sells out
  11. Primary Category - Here is where you assign your product to a category. This can be a main category or a sub category. Remember you must assign a category to see the product in your online store. This is why we tell you to create your categories before you add your products. Later on we will cover how to asign your product to multiple categories
  12. Manufacture - If you are using product manufactures, you will assign one to your product here.
  13. Product Model Number - This is an optional field for a model number.
  14. Product Weight - This field is used if you are calculating the customer's shipping cost by weight. This is very important if you are planning on using the ship by weight method or any of the shipping modules such as UPS, FedEx or USPS.
  15. Tax Class - This will allow you to select from the diffrent tax class that you can create or you can set a product not to be taxed.
  16. Primary Product Image - Click on the link at the top of the page that says 'Upload Primary Product Image'. This will open a new window that allows you to browse your local computer for the image that you would like to assign to this product. Once you have selected an image from your local system click the 'Upload Image button'. You will now see a preview of the image at the bottom of the page.

Those are the basics of adding a product to your shopping cart. Below you will find information on the more advanced product features that are available through your administration area. We recommended that you go to the next step in the tutorial and return later to learn about these features.

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More Detail

The following features are available for use in your administration area and the tutorials on how to use them will be available soon.

  1. Product Video Clips
  2. Additional Product Images
  3. Assign a Product to multiple Categories
  4. Creating a Product Bundle
  5. Creating Short Listings
  6. Adding Product Attributes
  7. Adding a Downloadable Product
  8. Creating Special Sale Prices
  9. Assigning a Rewards Point Balance to a Product
  10. Managing the Sort Order of your Products
  11. Assigning a Product to Clearance

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