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Step Four - Shipping Configuration

There are multiple shipping options for calculating your shipping costs. You can choose ONE of these options, but you can change this option when ever you want. Click the 'Shipping Config' icon on the shopping cart administration home page, and you will see your options. You can also set an optional 'Handling Fee', which will be added to the shipping cost calculated by the shipping option you choose. The following is a list of shipping configurations and a description of each:

  1. Flat Rate - This shipping method applies a set amount for all orders, regardless of the dollar amount, weight, or number of products ordered.
  2. Calculate By Weight - You can calculate the total shipping fee by the weight of all the products a customer orders. You can enter a price to charge per pound, and when you add your products, you enter an amount of pounds each product weights. When a customer checks out, your shopping cart will figure out how many total pounds the order has, and multiply the cost per pound by this number. Do not use a dollar sign ($) in this field, numbers only.
  3. Per Item Rate - This option will figure out how many products your customer has ordered, and charge a fee for each product. So if your customer orders 3 products, and you charge one dollar per item, the total shipping will be 3 dollars.
  4. Percentage Rate - This option will charge a percentage of the total cost of all products ordered as a shipping fee. If you set this percentage rate as 10%, and a customer orders 100 dollars worth of products, they will be charged an additional 10 dollars for shipping.
The following items are optional and can be used with any of the shipping methods listed on this page.
  1. Handling Fee - This fee will be charged to ALL orders in addition to the shipping amount calculated by any of the shipping methods above.
  2. Pick Up Shipping Option - This option will only charge the customer the handling fee (if you have chosen to charge a handling fee), and requires them to pick their order up at your store's location.
  3. Tax Shipping Fees - This option will charge tax on the shipping and handling fees. The same tax rate for the rest of the order will be charged at checkout with the tax rules you set up in this administration area.

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Advanced Shipping Options

AFCommerce gives you the ability to receive real time quotes for shipping from UPS, FedEx, or USPS. We highly recommend using UPS. They are by far the easiest to setup and do not require you to have any programming knowledge.


Rate Calculation Method - This is the UPS pick up method that your business uses. You need to enter one of the codes below into the Rate Calculation Method field.

  1. Regular Daily Pickup - enter RDP if UPS picks up at your location daily
  2. On Call Air - enter OCA
  3. One Time Pickup - enter OTP if you call UPS to pick up packages at your location
  4. Letter Center - enter LC
  5. Customer Counter - enter CC if you drop your packages off at UPS

Shipping Container - Enter the code for what type of container you ship your products in. If you are not using UPS boxes you should enter the Customer Packaging code. You need to enter one of the codes below into the Shipping Container field.

  1. Customer Packaging - enter CP
  2. UPS Letter Envelope - enter ULE
  3. UPS Tube - enter UT
  4. UPS Express Box - enter UEB
  5. UPS Worldwide 25 kilo - enter UW25
  6. UPS Worldwide 10 kilo - enter UW10


To set up the USPS shipping module you must first register for the USPS Web Tools at the USPS website Once you have registered with USPS (this may take a few days) you can proceed with the steps below.

Your first option is USPS Service Type. You need to enter in one of the options below.

  1. Express
  2. Priority
  3. Parcel

Enter your USPS User Name (issued to you by USPS)

Enter your USPS Password (issued to you by USPS)

Enter the USPS Server address (issued to you by USPS)

USPS is first going to make you connect to there test server before they grant you access to there live environment. Once USPS grants you access to there live server you will have to repeat the above steps and enter in the new information for the live server.


Please be advised, this is not an easy process for the average user. This API must be set up properly on your web server and with FedEx directly. FedEx would not allow me to do this automatically for you, it is against their terms of service (I have no idea why). Basically, you must have curl set up on your server (My guess is that 70% of you will already have this), and the HTTP_REQUEST pear module. You also need to subscribe twice, first in their test environment and then again in the real one.

Since I am not allowed to provide you with the server address for their test and live servers, you MUST set up the file found in mods/shipping/fedex/fedexdc.php. You should read the notes in that file as well as the README file that can be found in the same directory. AFCommerce is set up as much as I was allowed to by FedEx.

If you get frustrated, please direct your comments to FedEx, not me, because I can't help you any more than I already have. You may call them at: 1-877-339-2774.

If you are a web developer, I think you can handle this, you just need to put a few hours in to it. If your not a developer, your probably going to need to hire one for this.

Ok, now that you have a little understanding of the process, lets see if we can continue from here. This page will not work unless you have edited the fedexdc.php file that I told you about above with the server address to FedEx. If this is the first subscribe request your making, you need to add the test server address. You must call FedEx for this information and must also have a FedEx account number. If you have done this, fill in the form below, and if successful, you will be given a meter number. The meter number will be automatically entered in to the database, so if after you submit this form, and if the request works correctly, you can go ahead and test it out.

If everything works, you will have to delete the meter number and account number from the database (that can be done on the manage fedex page in this admin area by closing this window and clicking the "Click Here To Set Up This Method" for FedEx on the editshipping.php page). After you delete the test server info, you need to fill in the form below again with the live information. Everything will be much easier the second time.

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