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Graphics Adding a right hand column

Adding a column to the right side


We have all ready added a third column to the right side, and comented out the code so that AFCommerce would not display a third column by default. To display the right side column open up the bottomlayout.php file in an HTML editor. Below is an example of the code

File Name: bottomlayout.php, v 2.5
Author: Paul Crinigan,

AFCommerce, Amazing Flash Commerce Solutions

Copyright (c) 2004 - 2006 AFCommerce

AFCommerce is Released under the AFCommerce Free Public License Agreement

By default this file is blank, however this file is attached to the footer
include for websites that want to add any universal html to be added after
each cart file's html. For example, if you want to display any links on the
bottom or right hand side of your pages. When using the Amazing Flash website
building system, this file is automatically created for each layout option.

<!-- if you would like to create a right hand side colomn remove the comments from the html below -->
<!-- <td width='150'>
<TABLE WIDTH='100%' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'>
<td align='left'><IMG SRC="images/mainsite/leftmenu_topleft.gif" WIDTH="5" HEIGHT="22" ALT=""></td>
<td align='center' HEIGHT="22" width='100%' valign='middle' class='headline1'><?php echo MENU_CATEGORIES; ?></td>
<td align='right'><IMG SRC="images/mainsite/leftmenu_topright.gif" WIDTH="5" HEIGHT="22" ALT=""></td>
<TD colspan='3' width='100%' class='menu' ALIGN='left' VALIGN='TOP'>Test Test Test</td>
</table> -->


<!-- Place content that you would like displayed in the footer below this comment, or in the footer file AFTER the bottomlayout include statement -->


Delete the comments that are highlighted in yellow and a third column on the right side of your website wil display.

Shopping Cart with third column


Replace the words 'Test Test Test' with the content that you would like to display in the right side column.

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