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AFCommerce is a full and complete online store with both a store front and administration area directly Out-Of-The-Box, which can be easily installed, configured, and maintained over a web-based interface. AFCommerce now includes our Ecommerce Website Building Software integrated with our free shopping cart. This allows you to create an unlimited number of custom web pages, customize font / colors of all your pages, as well as, the structural layout of your website.

The foundation our software provides any php powered website will allow for much greater development by programmers, web designers, and with our website building system, even novice internet users. AFCommerce's programming structure makes it very easy for developers to customize. This means your website can grow as fast as your business can.

AFCommerce is an Official PayPal Channel Partner for all of their Paypal and Payflow payment gateways. AFCommerce has had this status for over 4 years and has been working with Paypal for over 6 years. AFCommerce was also granted the same status by Google Checkout for our extensive integration of Google Checkout and Google Base over 3 years ago; and remains certified by and other major payment gateways.

Why Choose AFCommerce Professional?

  • Software with personality, is the approach of all AFCommerce products to speak in a language you can understand. The AFCommerce administration area is state of the art technology, completely online, which is powerful enough to allow you to edit every aspect of your store, yet simple enough for users to master in 2 or 3 hours.

  • The best aspect of AFCommerce has always been its customization ability. The AFCommerce software not only adds a shopping cart to your website, it will also become an infrastructure for custom development, adding literally hundreds of powerful php scripts to your website working together, which can be modified and adjusted any way needed to handle any requirement of your business; redefining scalability to a whole new level.

  • AFCommerce is truly a Reliable Solution which has been constantly improved over the past 6 years, and has been installed and tested on over 250,000 websites.

  • Features, Features, Features. AFCommerce has hundreds of features out of the box, the best aspect of the AFCommerce Ecommerce Platform is its ability to be tailored to any product line making it a very scalable solution. Learn More

  • AFCommerce's One Page Checkout feature significantly increases sale conversion rates, by reducing the checkout process to one simple page. The fewer steps there are between a customer and a purchase, the better chance for a merchant's success.
  • Learn More About One Page Checkout
    Anyone who has ever shopped at a normal retail store, knows that customers always try to find the shortest checkout line to complete their purchase. Shopping online is no different and ecommerce shoppers leave behind full carts at an alarming rate. Several independent studies have corroborated cart abandonment rates of up to 75%, while it’s been noted that about half of all prospective customers bail out of their purchases sometime between selecting products and clicking the buy button. Eliminating the need for multiple steps and required registration, AFCommerce’s new One Page Checkout will dramatically increase the number of completed purchases.

    AFCommerce’s new One Page Checkout, which, as the name implies, reduces the entire checkout process to one simple page, makes ease of use for the merchant’s customers unsurpassable. The fewer steps there are between a customer and a purchase, the better chance for a merchant’s success. The new additions to AFCommerce’s existing solution will not only increase user-friendliness, they will also work to significantly reduce cart abandonment rates. An issue that has plagued ecommerce providers for years, cart abandonment is one of the most commonly reported obstacles facing ecommerce websites today.

    In addition to our One Page Checkout, AFCommerce now offers customers the option to checkout without logging in. By utilizing this option, customers are no longer required to create an account while making a purchase. An account will still be made for them for future purchases automatically, so that your store will provide the many benefits of having an account with your website. With this new feature, merchants will see an increased number of orders since fewer shoppers will abandon their cart.

    New features include impressive DHTML (including AJax) web page effects, a lightning fast 1 page checkout process, AFCommerce's unique Quick Basket feature which keeps customers focused on finishing their purchase when they begin to get side tracked, and many more features which increase sales, impress your customers, and keep them coming back for new purchases.

    Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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